Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 Easy Steps to Recycle Your Old Swimsuits

I don’t know about you, but I have over 300 swimsuits. Out of those 300 suits, I only wear about 10. Its hard not to accumulate so many while working at a shop that specifically sells swimsuits for 6 years, so close your mouth please. Thanks. I know its a lot. Anyways, what’s there to do with the suits that you don’t wear anymore? I googled and googled and googled ideas of what I could do with all my extra swimsuits and found NOTHING. Then, my brilliant mind wandered to a lovely and easy idea.

Some people still don’t understand why I have so many swimsuits…It’s an addiction. Many people wonder why I don’t wear all of my suits. Well…haha…too cute…There’s many reasons why I won’t wear them anymore: too small, last season, last decade (90s swim bottoms are massive), they faded from chlorine, tar, too juvenile, etc. Here’s a brilliant idea: Cut them up and turn them into fun headbands and/or bracelets.

GASP!!! Yes, I said cut them up. Grab a pair of scissors and do something with them besides letting them fill up two entire drawers in your dresser!

Sundance Beach is all about being environmentally friendly, so what better way to reuse your swimsuits? We don’t want them to end up in a landfill! Here’s a tutorial that I made in order to show you how to do it! Its fun, so grab some friends and call it a wine night/soda night.

Step 1: Make sure your suits have been thoroughly washed.

Step 2: Cut around the lining of your suit. You can also think of it as cutting off the seams around the entire suit. Whichever way makes sense to you, just cut it.

Step 3: Once you have the seams cut off, cut your suit into strips. Before you just start cutting anywhere, think about which direction of the suit will allow you to cut the longest strips. The longer the strips the better.

Step 4: Once you have your strips, wrap them around the headband or bracelet. This part can get a little tricky. I noticed that when I finished one strip and had to start another one, the best way to make it even and flat was to sew the strips together or to overlap them.

Step 5: Tie a know once you get to the end!

Now, you will probably have extra strips. My idea was to cut the strips a little smaller and make them into hairtyes like the tye-die ones you’ll see around town. Wha-la! Now everything is being reused and not ending up in a landfill!:)

So now that you cut all of your suits up, you’ll probably need more like myself. Go visit Sundance Beach for the latest styles and coolest brands, like my favorite L*Space, Mikoh, Maaji, and Vix!

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